This is a post about a moon-brother named Moondog, born Louis Thomas Hardin.

He was a blind American composer, musician and poet. Moving to New York as a young man, Moondog made a deliberate decision to make his home on the streets there, where he spent approximately twenty of the thirty years he lived in the city. Most days he could be found in his chosen part of town wearing clothes he had created based on his own interpretation of the Norse god Odin. Thanks to his unconventional outfits and lifestyle, he was known for much of his life as “The Viking of 6th Avenue”.[

Moondog also invented several musical instruments, including a small triangular-shaped harp known as the “oo”, another which he named the “ooo-ya-tsu”, and the “hüs” (after the Norwegian, “hus”, meaning “house”) which is a triangular stringed instrument played with a bow. Perhaps his best known creation is the “trimba”, a triangular percussion instrument that the composer invented in the late 40s. The original Trimba is still played today by Moondog’s friend Stefan Lakatos, a Swedish percussionist, to whom Moondog also explained the methods for building such an instrument.

About his name Moondog says ‘I was attracted by an Indian-sounding pen name. But it was really referring to my dog that I used to have in Missouri who used to howl at the moon a lot. I thought of him when I put the words together. But I learned later that the Inuit indians have a ‘Sundog’ (a rainbow over the sun) and a ‘Moondog’ (a rainbow over the moon). So it wasn’t as original as I thought!’

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